by Deepshikha “Expression is the mystery of beauty.”- Edward Lytton A face without expressions is as incomplete as a rose without fragrance. An expressive face speak volumes, deep eyes express the truth and wide smiles convey long-lost stories. The faces are always in the pursuit of a reader, for whom they carry bundles of emotions… Read More Expressions


by Deepshikha “Look at the leaves shedding from my hair as I comb” -Grishi Sood Dressed up in crimson-red and emerald-green,With Daffodils all over her tresses,Guided by the butterflies,The nymph moved towards an amber prophecy.Going into deep meditationShe whispered,‘THE STONE MUST OBEY HIS MASTER’I wish to see my future.She was shattered as she sawHer bright… Read More Autumn

Lady like

by Basil Rathi “I am the heroine of my own story not his” – Grishi Sood Sit decently, speak softly Don’t bend too much  Walk elegantly Conceal, don’t feel  Put on nice clothes  Wear that high heel  Hide and protect yourself. Trust no one  No one’s gonna help  Listen, don’t say a word  Respect the… Read More Lady like


by Debojeet Mukherjee “The dove-like white on the ground turned red as I scribbled the names of my friends. I watched the pages fly away as I sadly got up and left.” – Grishi Sood I tore the pages from my diary Cause I never wanted anyone to know my depth. Oneday, A person brought them to… Read More Red